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Our innovative services will transform your transportation business.

Our tailored benefits suite will care for your employees needs and propel them to fulfil your business potential.  
Transportation Service
Transportation Service

Health & Wellbeing Benefits

The physically and mentally demanding transportation industry environment can compromise employees’ wellbeing. Our health and wellbeing solution will give your employees and their families 24/7 access to an array of services: from registered GPs and prescription services to specialist referrals, information about surgical options and private medical costs. Our benefits portal includes fitness and nutrition advice, discounted gym memberships, confidential hotline support, and professional counselling advice. 

Lifestyle Benefits

With our lifestyle benefits tailored to the specific needs of transportation industry staff, your company can facilitate experiences to make your current employees feel supported and happy to work at your company and to attract new talent. Help your employees save thousands on their daily expenses when shopping online! Our offers extend to popular brands such as M&S, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Argos and many more. Your employees can enjoy leisure activities and outings, from shopping sprees and experience days to week-long trips and gym discounts. 

Transportation Service
Transportation Service

Workplace Pensions

Our uncomplicated auto-enrolment solution will help you provide a workplace pension scheme suited to your staff’s fundamental need for future financial security. Your employees get secure, privacy-compliant access to their payslips and salary notices, giving them peace of mind that they are being paid on time and correctly. You get the recognition you deserve as a great employer because showing that you care for it makes all the difference. 

Payroll Processing 

Payroll is time-consuming, especially for a labour-intensive industry such as transportation. In addition, it is not just about paying your employees accurately and on time; payroll data gives you invaluable insight into your business and resource management, increasing your efficiency and improving your ability to strategise. Our personalised approach provides a single point of contact, ensuring a consistent focus on your operations, visibility of your workforce and flexible reporting options for efficient data analysis. We will relieve you from these burdens so you can focus on your business growth. 

Transportation Service
Transportation Service

Business Protection 

Managing it is challenging due to the physicality of work in the transportation industry. Our team of dedicated legal professionals at Holly Blue Employment Law can step in when needed to assist you with performance appraisals, accidents, disciplinary matters and dismissals. They are available for immediate and long-term advice and support and have extensive experience working with clients with little or no HR. We can help you manage all employment law matters and resolve issues before they become problems. 

Did you know?

89% of all goods transported by land in Great Britain are moved directly by road
(but even the 11% that is not moved by road often needs road haulage to complete journeys to/from ports, airports or rail terminals).

(Road Haulage Association Ltd, 2022)

About the Transportation Industry

The transportation sector is an important industrial sector in the economy that deals with the movement of people and products. Services range from couriers and shipping to airlines and logistics.

In 2022, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) cited a shortage of up to 100,000 skilled drivers, which dates back to 2016. Much of the deficit was due to losing around 15,000 drivers from European Union (EU) member states due to the pandemic, challenges around Brexit and new immigration rules. 

However, the rising demand for green logistics, along with the advent of tech-driven logistics services and IoT-enabled connected devices that assist in tracking objects and remotely controlling the transport process, is primarily driving the UK logistics market.

The industry is trying to attract a younger driver demographic to help lower the current average age of the UK’s HGV drivers, with The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) clearing the testing backlog of around 30,000 HGV driver tests by spring 2022, according to Logistics UK.

Whilst the pandemic has proved challenging, it allowed businesses to assess and improve their processes. There has been an increased awareness of the importance of measuring and monitoring business operations. UK-based fleets have embraced and implemented better driver engagement strategies. As we return to some semblance of normality, having a flexible, agile and resilient approach will enable the logistics industry to survive and thrive.

CTA: Boost the engagement of your transportation staff and transform your business! 

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