Nurturing The Wellbeing Of Your Workforce Is Good For Business

In recent years mental health has earned a top spot in public agendas globally. With its pressures and stresses, the workplace can become a source of poor mental health for any of us, regardless of industry or job type. However, if we work together to make it instead a place of healing, we can build ethical and safe businesses that thrive!


The crunch

So, let’s look at some statistics to get a clearer picture of mental health and the workplace:

76% agree that mental health is just as important as physical health.
16 % only feel that their mental health gets support at work.
1 in 4 employees met the criteria for clinically relevant symptoms of anxiety and depression in 2022.
74%of the concentration of the employees is affected by poor mental health, causing an enormous impact on productivity.

The case for it is clear. In the ever-changing, ever-more competitive world of business, in the aftermath of the covid crisis, becoming an employee-centric company and putting your people first is not an option anymore but an absolute must.


When people are in a state of wellbeing at work, they can develop their potential, be productive and creative, build positive relationships with others, better cope with stress and make meaningful contributions. Once you master this, you will also master your recruitment and retention of top talent – for we all know how costly high employee turnover is to business.

Benefits for all
Providing employee benefits isn’t as easy for all businesses, especially SMEs. And this is LMW Solutions’ mission: we exist to help you develop a comprehensive employment strategy of the kind that only big employers can afford to have. Our market-leading health and wellness benefits provide 24/7 access to GP consultations, confidential helpline support, discounted gym memberships, and fitness and nutrition advice – everything you need for a happy, healthy, and driven workforce.
 Marlon Lamont, HR Manager at LWM Solutions, is a mental health first aider. He says,

‘Good mental health at work, good management and increased productivity depend on each other. We believe employee mental wellness must be a top priority for a successful business, which is why we have ensured that supporting it is an essential operation of our LWM Solutions’ benefits portal.’ 

First steps towards wellbeing heaven

The wellbeing section of our LWM Benefits portal is a powerful tool. Encourage its regular use by your staff and make it a central part of your incentive package. The portal gives access to a collection of mindfulness audio and tips to reduce stress, increase productivity and help with better sleep. As a mobile phone app, it is used beyond the workplace, on the move and at home! It also gives access to an excellent collection of exercise videos – from cardio to yoga. Regular physical activity can increase self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety.
It can also help you offer financial wellbeing support. Our portal grants access to expert guides, tips and tools to help your staff manage their finances and improve their financial wellbeing. It is a vital resource, as problems with money can lead to increased mental health problems, specifically depression and anxiety. The war in Ukraine caused inflationary expectations to soar for 2023, so financial wellbeing support is now critical.
Finally, a free, easy-to-access counselling service is essential for managing mental wellbeing, considering the long waiting lists of the NHS. Our LWM Benefits portal offers medical care services, including fast access to mental health specialists to help you provide the best mental health support.
Clearly, businesses thrive when their people thrive. With LWM Solutions, it is now easier than ever to nurture the wellbeing of your workforce by implementing an affordable, premium employee wellbeing program at your organisation.